• Coronavirus

    Lochgilphead Parish Church and the Church Hall are now closed until further notice

    On advice in the strongest terms from the Church of Scotland "all gatherings for worship should cease until further notice, with effect from today (Wednesday 18th March 2020). This includes all Easter services." Therefore, all services at Lochgilphead Parish Church have now ceased and the Church hall is closed.  We continue to monitor all advice and update when we are able. Please check our Facebook Page for regular updates. (See messages from Minister).

    The latest Government advice can be found hereAn Argyll & Bute  dedicated helpline offering advice and help to vulnerable people across Argyll and Bute during the coronavirus outbreak is now available here


  • All are Welcome in this Place

    A message from Rev Hilda Smith

    Welcome to our website! It's an integral part of our vision for our congregation and community which includes renewing our Building, renewing how people view our Church and indeed the Church, renewing our approach to outreach so that God becomes accessible to the man and woman and child in the street, renewing our faith and commitment to serve God and each other. It’s a tall order but one we hope to be able to meet.

    Things have to change. Our approach to worship and even to God is foreign to so many nowadays. The language we use is unfamiliar and we are somehow stuck in that mould. The time has come to break the mould, not so that all we do is foreign to those who worship with us week by week. We need to break the mould by finding a way out of the rut of familiarity and offering different opportunities at different times of the week using means that are familiar to the next generations. That is a challenge for those of us who struggle with touch screen mobile phones let alone all the different forms of social media which are out there.

    Jesus told stories which were relevant and understood by the people of his day. He used examples from their world. He spoke about water and wells. He spoke about fig trees and vineyards. He spoke about  masters and servants. We need to follow Jesus’ example and use the world we inhabit to share Jesus’ message of life and hope and peace. How? Well, that’s what we need to have the courage to work out!

    Enjoy our website. We would welcome any comments or feedback. Email our minister and let her know what you are doing in your Church if you think it will help us to fulfil our vision.

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